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–Reduce the risk of SARA
CRYSTALYX® BUFFER-LYX® is a newly designed formulation with patent-pending technology for high producing, lactating dairy cows to increase milk production and Dry Matter Intake (DMI). Additional buffer and alkalizing ingredients help optimize rumen fermentation and reduce the risk of Subacute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA). The licking action of cows consuming BUFFER-LYX® increases saliva production providing additional defense against SARA. Free-choice, 24/7 availability to BUFFER-LYX® allows access for cows that have inconsistencies in TMR intake due to cow social dominance, infrequent feed deliveries, diets that are conducive to sorting, or metabolic disturbances that prompt cattle to go off feed. This free access helps ensure the delivery of nutrients critical for maintaining feed intake and cow health, timely reproduction and maximum milk production. Research on the use of BUFFER-LYX® in large, commercial dairies and universities has substantiated increased milk production. Research also shows that compared to control cows, cows offered BUFFER-LYX® have a rumen pH that is more resistant to dropping below 5.5 when challenged with a highly fermentable diet. Research indicates that BUFFER-LYX® assists cows in coping with dietary conditions that can lead to SARA. Read the research.

Buffers and Feed Intake
Formulated buffering and alkalizing ingredients in BUFFER-LYX® assist in managing SARA. By maintaining rumen pH above 5.5, cows are kept at a consistently higher level of feed intake. This results in increased milk production and reduced metabolic and other health disorders. In addition, the licking action encourages saliva flow that acts as a natural buffer.

Aids in Prevention of Lameness
Blends of chelated/organic zinc fortification in BUFFER-LYX® can help increase longevity by maintaining healthy feet and hooves. Together, the formulated bicarbonate and increased saliva production help reduce acidosis and related lameness problems for cows experiencing SARA.

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–Minimizes Stress from Dry to Fresh
CRYSTALYX® TRANSITION STRESS FORMULA™ is a newly formulated product that is specifically designed for dairy cows that are in transition from approximately three weeks prior to calving through the first three weeks in the fresh pen. It is also ideal for calves that are experiencing changes in nutrition, facilities or inclement weather that increase stress levels and lower immune function. Providing nutrients in a palatable form ensures that cows receive adequate fortification to minimize the effects of stress incurred during transition from dry to fresh.

Yeast Culture and Organic Trace Minerals
The addition of a concentrated yeast culture allows for increased Dry Matter Intake, reduced cow weight loss and the potential for increased milk yield, according to research studies in the United States and Canada. Further concentrated delivery of chelated/organic trace minerals in every lick helps optimize immune function, reproduction and cow longevity, while reducing problems with hoof health, mastitis, uterine infections and retained placentas.

Continuous Nutrient Availability
The availability of TRANSITION STRESS FORMULA™ 24/7 allows every opportunity for cows and calves to meet their fortification needs regardless of social dominance, diets that are conducive to sorting, or any other problems associated with inconsistent TMR deliveries. Making a smooth transition relies on minimizing stress and ensuring cows and calves consume nutrients at the appropriate levels to get through the transition with negligible effects on performance.

Formulated for Stress Relief
TRANSITION STRESS FORMULA™ delivers a high level of concentrated yeast culture to assist in rumen fermentation during periods of erratic feed intake. It also provides chelated/organic trace minerals and added vitamins for optimal immune function.

Stimulates Appetite
B vitamin complex contained in TRANSITION STRESS FORMULA™ helps stimulate intake during periods of stress. High vitamin and trace mineral fortification enhances immune response.

A Smooth Transition:

  • From Dry Cow to Fresh
  • From Calving to Timely Conception
  • To Maximum Milk Production
  • Reduced Metabolic Disorders
  • For young, stressed calves

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—A TMR Safety Net
CRYSTALYX® DAIRY-LYX® is a nutrient dense product that provides key nutrients to dairy cows during lactation. DAIRY-LYX® is intended for use as a supplemental source of nutrients that will stimulate cow appetites, enhance fiber digestion and encourage cows that are off feed, back to the TMR. DAIRY-LYX® is a highly palatable low-moisture block supplement that provides key ingredients such as yeast culture, trace minerals, B vitamins and other micronutrients. These ingredients keep cows on feed and maximize milk production. DAIRY-LYX® is an excellent method of ensuring that all cows, including high producers, young, old, timid, stressed, sick cows temporarily off-feed, or cows with additional nutrient demands, have access to necessary nutrients that will help meet production goals. DAIRY-LYX® is an excellent choice for the dairy producer that wants to make sure his nutrition program is not limiting production.

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—Nutrition From Dry to Calving
CRYSTALYX® DRY COW FORMULA™ is an easy-to-use, self-fed supplement that provides key mineral and vitamin fortification uniformly across the dairy herd. It is designed to be used at the beginning of the dry cow period up to calving, or when other CRYSTALYX® dairy products can provide specific nutrient delivery in the Close-Up or fresh pens. CRYSTALYX® DRY COW FORMULA™ addresses inconsistent nutrient intake by being available to the herd 24/7 in a highly palatable formulation. It provides a homogeneous and nutrient-dense blend of key concentrated micro ingredients that can be consumed with every lick. These nutrients help prevent metabolic disorders, help maintain healthy rumen function and promote forage digestion. DRY COW FORMULA™ also meets animal requirements by optimizing immune function, timely reproduction, stimulation of dry matter intake and a productive lactation period.

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—Anionic Salts and More
CRYSTALYX® CLOSE-UP FORMULA™ provides supplemental anionic salts and other key nutrients for herds that are prone to metabolic disorders that can be reduced by addressing the Dietary Cation Anion Differential Difference (DCAD) of the diet. CLOSE-UP FORMULA™ is a highly palatable product that stimulates dry matter intake and can provide additional anionic salts that can be difficult to supply in the TMR portion of the diet due to low palatability. The unique delivery and 24/7 availability of CLOSE-UP FORMULA™ further provide uniform consumption of chelated/organic trace minerals and vitamins that are important for reproduction, immune function, hoof health and rumen fermentation.

Nutrient management during the close-up period is key to a successful lactation that is free of health problems and results in optimal cow reproductive performance and milk production.

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–For the Developing Heifer
CRYSTALYX® REPLACEMENT HEIFER FORMULA™ is formulated for growing heifers. As part of a balanced feeding program, it will provide needed trace minerals, vitamins, added protein and enhanced forage utilization by the developing heifer. Heifer nutrition programs should be developed with the same commitment as lactating cows. Supplemental protein and other key nutrients supplied by REPLACEMENT HEIFER FORMULA™ help balance the needs of heifers grazing mature pastures or fed moderate to low quality hay/haylages and corn silage. This nutrient-dense molasses-based supplement increases available energy by improving fiber digestion as well as furnishing required micro nutrients to properly develop heifers into healthy and productive lactating cows that are able to return a profit.

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Faster Growth for Your Dairy Replacement Heifers

CRYSTALYX® introduces the only FDA approved low-moisture block with Bovatec®. IONO-LYX® B300 gives you all the advantages of a CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplement program with the added benefits of Bovatec®—the premier ionophore feed additive for pasture cattle.

  • For increased rate of weight gain in pasture cattle (slaughter, stocker, feed cattle and dairy and beef replacement heifers)
  • Consistent consumption compared to other feeding methods for ionophores
  • Widest margin of safety of any ionophore
  • Heifers adapt quickly to Bovatec® - no step-up program needed
  • Precise intake of nutrients and Bovatec®
  • Does not impair reproductive performance

With IONO-LYX® B300 your replacement heifers:

  • Gain weight faster
  • Reach breeding age sooner
  • Calve at a younger age

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Fly Control and Supplementation

Lick your fly problem with ROLYX® supplements. Your cows can have 24/7 Fly Control when you supplement with ROLYX®, containing Rabon Oral Larvicide. ROLYX® kills larvae of horn flies, face flies, house flies and stable flies in the manure of treated animals.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your cows consume Rabon on a regular basis as they lick the ROLYX® Supplement.
  • The Rabon passes through the animal’s digestive system.
  • Manure now contains Rabon that kills larvae before they reach the fly stage.
  • Manure decomposes normally and does not disturb the environment.

ROLYX® is available in three formulas.

For fly control and balanced mineral and vitamin supplementation.

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For fly control and protein supplementation.

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For cows grazing fescue pastures low in magnesium or where grass tetany can be a concern.

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